shorten urls and earn money

Are you have many external URLs on your website ? or you are a member in many forums and you want to earn money from this urls or links ? the easy way is shorten urls and earn money.

And today i will explain a new good company to shorten urls and earn money quickly from Forums, your blog, Youtube, or Faceook and twitter, Yes you can post your shorten URLs on Facebook.

shorten urls and earn money

shorten urls and earn money

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Cute blogger templates

Today i'll gift you some cute blogger templates that are solely found on Web2earn and without charge. and that i apprehend that you simply continuously look for one thing engaging, trust American state if you put in a free cute journalger templates can increase coming back guests to your journal as a result of they'll like your blog associate degreed visit it daily an share it on Facebook. and think about this cute blogger templates as a present for you from Web2earn.

Cute blogger templates

the first free cute blogger templates is Panjz template, this template is very cute.

the second cute blogger templates is Kompi wide, in fact is a good template for beginner blogger.

After download free cute blogger templates

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Blogger vs LiveJournal vs WordPress

In this post " LiveJournal vs blogger vs WordPress " you will knows which the best company for blogging is Blogger or LiveJournal or WordPress ? and i advice you to read all this comparisons, Because chose blog company is the first important step for blogging.

Blogger vs LiveJournal  vs WordPress

LiveJournal vs blogger vs WordPress

Note : if you have money to buy hosting and domain name chose WordPress for your blog.
  • LiveJournal Company

LiveJournal may be a social tool closely-held by national capital company SUP Media. this can be one among the foremost well-liked blogging platform in Russia, if truth be told it hosts various blogs from Russian politicians, cultural leaders, parties etc. LiveJournal vs blogger vs WordPress The feature of LiveJournal service may be a supposed ”community blogging” that offers the chance to form virtual circles that consolidate users in line with their interests. The feature is comparable to the idea of teams on Facebook. Anyone United Nations agency joins a community will create posts to that as they'd on a daily journal.

communities even have "maintainers", normal users United Nations agency run the community and manage membership and moderation.Friend lists is another feature that place LiveJournal into the class of social networks. In distinction to Blogger and WordPress, users will add one another to the friend lists. Further on, they'll regulate the access rights to their blogs and diaries.

Thus, the access are often restricted to friends solely or to everybody within the net.However, these days users tend to complain the platform has obsolete practicality and interfaces; so, they migrate to the additional advanced tools like WordPress or Blogger etc.

  • Blogger

Google Blogger is one among the primary bloging tools, that became accessible back within the 1999. one among the foremost enticing things regarding Blogger is simple use. The interface and set of body tools of the service square measure straightforward and simply apprehensible, thus, plenty of begginers select Blogger service for a begin. Another enticing factor regarding Blogger is that the tool is free, though it permits proof and therefore the use of ads.

Blogger has quite massive set of normal themes and templates, convenient text editor that permits conjointly to edit hypertext mark-up language.Although, one downside, which could keep folks far from mistreatment Blogger is that the incontrovertible fact that its in hand by Google, thus, all the information and posts are in hand by Google. just in case Google considers the content to be suspicious, it will delete the journal. However, the chance of that's quite little.

In order to register for Blogger, the user has got to have google account, since the registration within the service is on the market solely through Google Account.The novice will quickly become acquainted with all the tools and interface of Blogger.

  • WordPress Company

WordPress journal service relies on the favored open supply software system WordPress; the free version offers millions of features: traffic stats, anti-spam filters, SEO, themes et al.. Some users may have to require premium account, that has advanced choices like domain customization.

 upgraded net hosting resources and lots of, however, for straightforward blogging the free account is sort of enough.Most of the articles and papers reviewing well-liked journal services ponder the WordPress to be the foremost advanced and developed tool for creating blogs, however, it got way more subtle interface than different services, thus, it'd take longer for the users to induce at home with it.

According to the journal Servie Comparison denote by, the overwall rating of WordPress exceeds all the opposite journal services within the list.The journal created in WordPress typically appearance a lot of advanced, skilled and spectacular, thus, plenty of firms value more highly to use WordPress for his or her business blogging, however, the restriction regarding proof and mistreatment ads will hold them back from mistreatment the service LiveJournal vs blogger vs WordPress.

Alcatel OT-908F backup ROM

Alcatel OT-908F backup ROM OT-908F Orange is a best small smartphone which work with Android System, In fact i have this phone and i think you want a Rom backup for Alcatel OT-908F because the Alcatel upgrade program currenty isn't working, if think to search for a custom you will find an Move ROM or for OT-908 phones.
Alcatel OT-908F

Alcatel OT-908F backup ROM

This backup ROM is just for Alcatel OT-908F that have Facebook Key. Is Froyo backup Android 2.2 and Orange Company but it work on all providers.
  • Download From Google Drive
  1. download and decompress
  2. delete nandroid.md5
  3. create new empty text file and save it as nandroid.md5
  4. and send it to your sdcard on Clockworkmod folder
  5. finally run your phone with recovery mode and update Alcatel OT-908F backup ROM

RDP port number

RDP port number lets first know what is RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol ) ? In fact the RDPis a great service that could you to access from your computer to others for free, to understand more take this example.

You have an PC desktop in your Home on Spain, but at the summer you go to another City or Country like USA and you must to run and acces this desktop  that is in Spain for work or something else, RDP port number. Do you think you can do this ? yes ! the RDP could you do that just read this article easily
and slowly

RDP port number

The RDP port number is network door that must be opened on 2 desktops, the first is that you have now and the secend is that you want to access it via RDP, and the RDP port number is 5801 and 3389 this RDP port number are the mostly on the network  to know how to open it read the explain billow.

How to open RDP port number

  • Click on Propriety on Computer.
  • Go to Remote and do the same of this image :
RDP port number

  • How to get free RDP and premium RDP 

in fact you can get a Freetrial RDP on same Websites such as Desktone visit it and press on Start Your Free Trial! in the top right RDP port number

 Remote Desktop Protocol are expensive as you buy a computer for life, you can buy it from click on this link of Amazon company.
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Measure your heart rate with your phone

Gauge your heart rate with your phone, This is the first time that you hear this weird information but is really you can scan your heart rate with any Android or Iphone and Ipad, Because smartphones camera sensitive is the same of futures measuring Instruments heartbeat device cardiograph, This application take a picture of your hand or finger before and after altitude your pressure. So some algorithms of this application calculate your heart rate with exactly for free.

Measure your heart rate with your phone

Measure your heart rate with your phone Application Download

The app is available for Iphone and Android for Free.
Download Cardiograph from Google Play.
Download Heartbeat counter from Itunes.

How to Measure your heart rate with your phone

After Download and install this app. Click on Start/Stop and put your finger on your phone camera at 20 seconds before and after ( Running ) for example to measure your heart rate with your phone

Free blogger templates for Videos

Almost of blogger templates on the Net are magazine and simple templates, So today i come with a Free blogger templates for Videos, and soon i will post another best free blogger templates for Games, This Videos is ready for SEO and Adsense you will increase you earning for just use this Videos template.

blogger templates for Videos

blogger templates for VideosTemplate Name: Videoism Blogger Template
  Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
  Release date : 13, July 2013
  Author :
  License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Download      Preview